Hello everyone. Really excited to get started on b...
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Hello everyone. Really excited to get started on building a python monorepo with Pants! I'm combining 4 smaller services and have never done this before, so I'm really curious to see if anyone else has a good structure/pattern for a
Python + Docker + GCP
monorepo architecture!
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welcome! i don’t have any particular tricks, but definitely let us know (or suggest edits!) if the Getting Started guide is missing anything!
It looks well set up for a single python project, but I think it's a little unclear (at least to me) how some of that structure generalizes!
Yea... "project" is a bit of an abstract term in this case. In pants we'd refer more to `python_distribution`s and `pex_binary`s than to projects, because those are the parts that are never shared between "projects".
(...i.e. the "roots" in your repository: published libraries or built binaries)
Everything else is eligible to be shared: all config, third-party/requirements definitions, source code, etc.
Hmm, I kind of see where you're coming from. I'm reading through the docs right now and just scratching the surface of everything. Do you have any other example/fully fledged python repos I could see? It would help solidify some of these lessons 🙂
Just a note to observers that this excellent conversation got followed-up, in-depth, over in #general: https://app.slack.com/client/T046T6T8L/C046T6T9U/thread/C01SPQQ2WK1-1625000101.017800