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Welcome @loud-dog-90772, @great-evening-33416, @early-terabyte-49381, @icy-application-87646, @broad-daybreak-21323, @calm-intern-1609, @bright-pilot-85305, @orange-carpenter-87618 ! We invite you to say a little something about yourself, your company, and what motivated you to take a closer look at Pants. You’ll be helping us improve future outreach — thanks so much.
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Hi there... i'm a former twitter engineer (pants v1) who is interested in exploring whether v2 might be a better fit for both company and personal projects. So far, the improvements in the python workflow are staggeringly good.
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Hi. I’m an engineer at a startup. I header about this on Talk Python and it sounded like it solves issues my team has been having. Only problem is we use pdm.
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Hi! I heard your interview on Talk Python and Pants sounded like it might be a great solution for a personal project I'm working on.
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