Hi everyone :wave:, I am <Thierry, Engineering Dir...
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Hi everyone 👋, I am Thierry, Engineering Director at Alma. Alma is an European scale up that offer a split payment service to merchants and consumers. My team is composed of 85 engineers. Our main languages are Typescript for frontend and Python for backend. We follow a monorepo approach. We consider to use a tool similar to Pants. I am joining the Pants community in order to see if Pants could be the right tool. I am more familiar with Bazel but it appears Pants could be a better fit for a Python stack.
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Hello! Welcome 🙂 In case you haven't seen it, some thoughts that may help on Bazel vs Pants https://blog.pantsbuild.org/pants-vs-bazel/ also cc @bitter-ability-32190 who migrated IBM from Bazel to Pants and wrote about it here https://developer.ibm.com/blogs/case-study-incrementally-migrating-a-python-monorepo-from-bazel-to-pants
Those 2 posts are the reason why I am here 😉 But thanks for sharing. What is the proposition value of your company, Toolchain ? It seems you offer both consultancy and software.
Hi Thierry! Yep, Toolchain provides remote caching SaaS, enterprise support, and professional services (e.g., custom plugin development) for Pants-using teams.
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Happy to chat about any or all of those
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We are also working on on-prem solutions, more on this in the next few weeks
Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have Bazel v Pants questions 🙂
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