It looks like the 2.13.0a1 release failed in some ...
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It looks like the 2.13.0a1 release failed in some way; there is only 1 wheel and it shows as having landed 5 hours ago vs the release date which was on the 29th (I think, the release prep PR landed that day anyhow).
@witty-crayon-22786 did the release but is away and the 1 wheel is mac arm which @happy-kitchen-89482 has been involved with. This is all just FYI; I'm about to try to re-run the release partially to get all wheels uploaded and will report back with success or failure.
In fact, there is no 2.13.0a1 tag. He may have not released at all but somehow the arm thing uploaded? Thanks Josh.
This might be related to that rust stack blowing bug that prevented the x86 macOS and linux wheels from being built, but the m1 wheels were still built
Maybe our release process is not robust to partial wheel build failure
If you follow Josh's link, it was actually just a partial release.
Eric uploaded Mac arm wheel only so he could get off line.
yeah, exactly -- I had Covid and was gonna be out all weekend (also gentle reminder *they)
Ah, I'm sorry Eric. Pronouns are definitely hard compared to names. Nora was easy enough to remember and I find the non-personal easier to fumble.
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