Re: doc site and release publishing: I'm trying t...
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Re: doc site and release publishing: I'm trying to publish 2.14.0a0 docs and getting an error which is, I think, due to the fact the 2.14 docs are forked on but not publically visible:
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$ ./pants run build-support/bin/ -- --sync --api-key rdme_xn8s9h2e517197e4afd8994d80f154c2f0d90960042eaea22cc86658b3234a409784e8
enerating docs for Pants 2.14. Is this the correct version? [Y/n]:
[INFO]: Found the following docsite URLs:
[INFO]:   <>
[INFO]:   <>
[INFO]: Fetching titles...
Error getting URL: <>

If the URL is <|>, a `doc_url` link might be using the wrong slug or the docs for this version might be unpublished. Otherwise, the link might be dead.

You can use `--skip-check-urls` to skip.
The logs say "Fetching titles..." which sounds like important data to have; so --skip-check-urls sounds likewise ill-advised. Looking at the code confirms this, the titles are used to re-write help. Should the 2.14.0a0 just be made public or should it stay private and this is known slightly broken?
yeah it's because it's private, which causes the links to fail. I think it should be public given it's a0
Ok, great.
I think it’s fine to not worry about the docs for 2.14 yet until we get a stable 2.13 out
I had flipped it public before Eric green-lighted with the plan of flipping back private after publish but just left it public (That did, in fact, fix the publish docs script / releaser step).