Hello everyone, I'm Jack from Leaf Space. We are t...
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Hello everyone, I'm Jack from Leaf Space. We are thinking of switching to a monorepo structure for our monolith and all its dependencies (that are needed in some microservices too). I'll be asking questions and hopefully try to contribute where needed, especially by providing feedback. Thanks for being such an open and welcoming community!
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Hi Jack! We do indeed love to get feedback, and view that as an important contribution. So thank you in advance. Pants is designed with a vision of being the build system for "everyone else" who isn't Google, Facebook, etc. So the more we learn about community members' use cases, the better we can live up to that mission and deliver the versatility and power that every team deserves.
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Yeah, pants seems a bit more feasible to use for teams that can't afford to have dedicated build engineers. I can play one for a while to get something in place, but then I've go other things I need to be doing
Yep, you're exactly who Pants is for. By the way when you do periodically need to wave a magic wand to bring a team of build engineering experts onboard, my company Toolchain (the team behind Pants) also offers enterprise support and contracting. So one way or another we've always got your back as you grow. Meanwhile, looking forward to hearing what pivots you're able to do as your codebase grows more scalable with Pants' help!
delayed, but: welcome!