Hello Everybody, I’m the CTO of a small company ca...
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Hello Everybody, I’m the CTO of a small company called SYNTINELS from Münster, Germany. I discovered pants some weeks ago while researching about mono-repo tools. I have created some small test-repositories, watched a lot of youtube-videos about pants and it’s beliefs and would love to adopt it for our internal mono-repo (which runs on python + typescript). I’m a polyglot developer, coming from javascript/typescript where I taught a lot of people in Germany how to code javascript (for a company called IT-Visions). I’ve been coding a lot of python recently which ultimately lead me here. Looking forward to helping and understanding pants more 🙂
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Hi and welcome Bastian! Happy to have you here. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll find this is a welcoming and helpful community 🙂
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Welcome! Re typescript: we're very interested in JS and TS support, and it's likely the next language we'd add based on community desire. But it's a huge ecosystem and not quite clear what it should mean to support, so your input there will definitely be appreciated
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+1. We're actively seeking Pants stakeholders who are immersed in JS and TS ecosystems enough to help us better define what specifically that support in Pants should be. And that means that the person/company willing to put in the time partnering with the maintainers on that will benefit a lot from Pants having started that support from something so aligned with their own vision and use cases. So as you explore Pants, keep in mind you've got opportunity to help define exactly what its TS support becomes! I hope that's enticing. 🙂
Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words. One of the reasons to join this slack was for me to explore pants‘ current state of javascript/typescript integration. I‘m definitely up to discuss on how I can be of help in that regard. I noticed you‘re openly searching for someone. I also think that „adopting pants“ into existing projects is a thing to challenge for me personally. We internally came up with some work arounds (like deploying a package and using that inside the same monorepo) the last 2 years and I‘d like to get up and running with pants in the next weeks before we launch our saas product. At least that‘s what I‘m determined to do. I also checked out toolchain.com and I‘m impressed over what you‘re doing and very happy I have joined this slack 🙌🏻. As we‘re approaching our launch, I was looking for ways to improve stability and reliability of our services.
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I'm head of devrel for Toolchain and Pants, so feel free to hit me up for introductions to relevant members of either team (we're lead sponsor of Pants, so there's a lot of overlap!).
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Did you get to read up on Incremental Adoption already? We aim to make it as easy as possible to ease into a transition, whether that's transitioning just how you build or also re-architecting the repo itself.
I played around with pants as of now, PEX ist completely new to me, but it sounds promising as we‘re building with Docker/Buildkit. I haven‘t actually run
pants tailor
on our codebase yet, so that‘s something I will try later today. As I understand it, configuring source-roots and running tailor should setup the BUILD configuration files, which then can be used when running
itself. Targets is something I must read into as well I guess. It‘s a lot to understand at first. What I missed is kind of a „getting started with your own codebase“ tutorial. I‘m a pretty audio-visual type so I hoped to find a video of some sorts, but those are mostly Benjy talking about the theory behind monorepo build-tools 😅. I will read up on incremental adoption then I guess 🙌🏻. Sounds like this is what I have missed until now. Thanks a lot for pointing this out!
Even if you're not using Django, Gordon Cassie's "Getting Started With Django" tutorial might be helpful there. For audio-visual,

Benjy's DjangoCon workshop video

might also have some relevant content.
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Eric's Pants 2 video tour series from last May also gives a good overview of features, and is a quick watch. Most are 2-3 minutes each. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwPRXwjURiOzXjgqydxZE9RVjZqaB6OXb
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We are using Django, so that’s an absolut hit! Thank you Carina!
Oh yay, jackpot!
The author of that tutorial @clean-city-64472 is a Pants Contributor and very active here. I'm sure he'd appreciate feedback on how using it goes for you. Cheers!
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