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04/28/2022, 11:53 PM
Hi Pants community! I’m a staff eng who works on a Python machine learning project at Sunrun (largest rooftop solar installer in the US). Completely new to Pants, I’m in the process of refactoring our codebase into a monorepo and putting on Pants to try to tame the complexity and hopefully bring some engineering quality to the project. Off to a bit of a rough start, hitting an apparent bug in the auto-generated
BUILD files in the first 15 minutes 😬. First impression of
is that adding dozens of BUILD files containing mysterious macros not explained in the Getting Started may not be the best start so I’m trying to set up this repo in a more incremental and manual way: try to build and test just one subproject.
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04/29/2022, 4:29 AM
Sorry that the tailor experience wasn't great. We're currently in the early stages of revamping the documentation, so any feedback on what would have been more helpful would be great!
Also, an alternative to tailoring many BUILD files is to start with one in each source root and use the new-ish overrides= feature as needed.