Welcome <@U03DMFJV57C> <@U03E1ENKP97>! We invite y...
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Welcome @brave-rose-43426 @able-dinner-38400! We invite you to say a little something about yourself and your companies, and how you discovered Pants (this weekend's Pycon talks, perhaps...?). You'll be helping us improve future outreach ā€” thanks so much!
šŸ‘‹ I work for REPAY https://www.repay.com/, a payments processor. A bit about myself is I like cats šŸ˜¼ , and I discovered Pants from an open space and the talk. Iā€™m interested in seeing how we can use the tool and my team and contribute to the project in the future.
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Cool! There are a number of other fintech companies using Pants too. Feel free to speak up in #general about what you'd like to accomplish. We welcome questions, feedback, suggestions, requests, etc. Our design goals center on making Pants the modern build system that flexs for a wide range of varied use cases and teams, so the more we can get to know your needs, the better we can serve them. Cheers! By the way, if you or other teammates will still be at Pycon tomorrow, I recommend going to the Pants/PEX sprint. Three of the project maintainers will be on hand there all day Monday, and are happy to have in-depth discussions about how to make best use of Pants, and opportunities to contribute.