Hi all! I hope everyone is good on those difficult...
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Hi all! I hope everyone is good on those difficult times. Julien, from France! I’m working as Cloud/DevOps engineer for a well-known european plane manufacturer. We have a nice app in production for a while now, but generations of developers worked on it and it gained a lot of entropy. Every step of the build is now taking a while and a big part of it is done via a custom tool. To reduce all this complexity and hoping to save some minutes on the build, I’m looking at Pants right now. This looks like a good tool, but I’m have a lot of questions and I can’t find any relevant resource to help, so here I am 😉
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we love questions, so feel free to fire away in #general
You have come to the right relevant resource! I hope you'll find it to be a helpful and responsive community.
Thanks :)