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Hi and welcome to @dry-smartphone-99899 @quaint-forest-8735 @refined-book-27419 @abundant-hospital-56388 @mysterious-waiter-14207 @millions-barista-36261 @curved-farmer-66180 @tall-kangaroo-21898 @worried-painter-31382 @numerous-hairdresser-31770 @cool-printer-74432! We invite you to say a little something about yourself, your company, and what motivated you to take a closer look at Pants. You'll be helping us improve future outreach — thanks so much!
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Hello! I'm Rahul & I lead ML Engineering/Infrastructure at Theorem, a technology company that specializes in ML-driven credit underwriting. We're exploring alternatives to Bazel for our Python monorepo and several friends/former colleagues recommended we look into Pants. We've had a good amount of success so far and will be rolling it out more broadly soon 🙂. Bazel is very powerful, but led to a good amount of confusion for some non-engineers (ie. research/data scientists) when working in the codebase. We're hopeful that pants is easier for them to work with especially.
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Yeah, a lot of data science teams tell us Pants has proved a better fit for them than Bazel, for reasons similar to what you mentioned. Please do feel free to ask as many questions as you need, and give as much feedback as you're willing to share. We're always happy to learn how to make Pants better at flexibly serving a broad range of use cases.
I notice you're in fintech. By any chance are there some podcasts you like to fintech data scientists or fintech engineers? I'm working on placing some Pants team members on podcasts, and would love to include some that are favorite of our fintech users.
Hi! I am systemsengineer at amramedical, a medtech company specializing in mri image analysis, with a medical device being rolled out to market right now! I ended up here while searching for a tool that could keep me and my colleagues effective (and staying regulatory compliant) while packaging our services hosted in our monorepo
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Oh interesting! Is Pants contributing to your compliance needs? It'd be fascinating to hear more about that.
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Hello, I'm Doron, from Unit.co, and we are working on converting our scala codebase from sbt to Pants. Our goal is to get to a much faster CI/CD including only running tests that were effected by the change (or tests that were not cached).
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Hey, just wrote a message on the welcome channel before I saw my mention in here. Thanks for the welcome 🙂
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I have just written a message on the welcome channel and found here. Thanks for the warm welcome!
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