Hi, I'm a software engineer at Outrider, working o...
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Hi, I'm a software engineer at Outrider, working on perception stack for autonomous truck navigation. I'm in the process of setting up a new repo for our team, so looking into build system. I love bazel, but its supports for python is still has too much friction, so I found pants, and I'm evaluating it. Will have lots more questions. Thanks!
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Welcome! We love questions and to help šŸ™‚ Some content that might also be helpful in Bazel vs Pants decision: ā€¢ https://blog.pantsbuild.org/pants-vs-bazel/ ā€¢ https://blog.pantsbuild.org/astranis-case-study-wrangling-python-in-a-monorepo/ ā€¢ talking to @bitter-ability-32190, who finished migrating IBM from Bazel to Pants recently
Awesome. Will take a look. Thanks!
I also found some transition in the other direction: https://opensourcelive.withgoogle.com/events/bazelcon2020/watch?talk=day1-talk2 What's your take on that? šŸ˜
The simple take is it was a transition from Pants v1 to Bazel. Pants v1 pretty much just shares a name with Pants v2 but is basically not comparable. We'd switch too! We did, but to Pants v2.
As the original author of Pants v0 and a big part of Pants v1 I can say, it was not too great except for the Scala support Twitter later added, that was pretty good.
I see.. That makes sense. I will need to look into the differences between v1 vs v2 to understand the justification. Thanks for sharing!
I'm pushing for our blog post to be posted soon on our migration on our public site, which can add a little color as well Feel free to reach out directly though
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Looking forward to your blog post. Please send me the link when it's out. Thanks!
@bitter-ability-32190 just out of my curiosity, do you have c++ code in your repo by any chance? If yes, can you share with me how do you deal with that? (I'm asking a similar question here)
The only C++ we have gets compiled into a Python C extension module šŸ˜…
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