<@U06A03HV1> how are you imagining the equivalent ...
# development
@witty-crayon-22786 how are you imagining the equivalent of per-task option scopes working with V2 goals? The test goal is going to want a test.pytest and a test.junit set of sub-scopes... Dependencies of subsystems?
i like dependencies of subsystems here! we could also consider registering `@console_rule`s under a goal in
(something like:
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from pants.backend.python.rules.pytest_runner import pytest
from pants.engine.rules import console_goal

# ...

def console_rules():
  return [
    console_goal('test', pytest),
), and then do something like
@console_rule('pytest', ...)
to define the rule itself
that seems to correspond more directly to the current task registration model, but i don't know that that needs to be a goal or if this introduces other annoyances