gonna try to push it under 90 by this weekend (or ...
# development
gonna try to push it under 90 by this weekend (or at least enable that pending review)
I’m responsible for ~7 of this hah. Every PR I have is blocked by things I don’t understand :/
every PR i have is blocked by me not working on it except for the centos6 in the travis base image one lol :)
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are there any i might be able to shine a light on?
You might be able to shed some light on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/7285, which would be awesome! I can’t reproduce failure locally and have no idea why it is happening
Here’s what I sent John about it last week: — I’m a bit at a loss for why
is failing. https://travis-ci.org/pantsbuild/pants/jobs/499019748#L740 It’s complaining it can’t find a compatible interpreter with
[u'CPython>=3.6,<4', u'CPython>=2.7,<3']
, even though the test is running with 3.6.7. I can’t reproduce locally. My hypothesis was our change to
./pants binary
means the
now has interpreter constraints it did not earlier have of
, which we set in
for this shard. But that doesn’t reproduce when I run
ci.sh -2b
to bootstrap the PEX then run
PANTS_PYTHON_SETUP_INTERPRETER_CONSTRAINTS="['CPython>=3.6']" ./pants.pex clean-all test tests/python/pants_test/backend/python/tasks:integration -- -k test_pants_test_interpreter_selection_with_pexrc
hm, that error message is exactly what we see when we have a pexrc set internally right now, which is an ongoing issue (let me find the ticket). since this involves pex it may be related
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which john also weighed in on
i'm fixing https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7188 right now but will swing back
Ahh! That makes me feel far less insane. That sounds completely right