Danny, what are you hacking on exactly? My goal is...
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Danny, what are you hacking on exactly? My goal is to have an uploaded report from v2 similar to the one we already have from the old engine's RunTracker. Is that what you're already doing?
oh, it looks like we might be doing different things! i'm making loading new pants targets incrementally into a pex extremely fast, @rough-minister-58256 is hooking that up into this ipython notebook wrapper our Cortex team supports internally
it just happens to involve the idea of "workunits", since one of the changes i made was to allow for v2 process executions to stream their output, to make long-running pex resolves less mysterious to a user
i think this will be incredibly useful internally and everything is 100% upstreamable to pants and pex so far
streaming output of process executions is A+ excellent
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How does the v1 RunTracker fit into this?
well, i wanted to have more control over where pants output goes by being able to use an option which redirects some output by selecting specific types of workunits, basically the whole of https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7071
but that's orthogonal right now
i'm also going to make
go mod
work later today/this weekend, and then i'm planning to ship
by end of next week
i have lots more time to devote to pants things that actually matter now for multiple reasons