<@UHVF9QEPP> you gave the feedback that you’d like...
# development
@polite-garden-50641 you gave the feedback that you’d like to be able to continue using
test --debug
on a
target, rather than having to run one specific file. Makes sense. More generally, would you want to be able to run
./pants test --debug ::
, i.e. to run in debug mode for >1 target? We might be able to remove that restriction.
Yes, I think it makes sense to remove that restriction, and if it means that pants now will run stuff sequentially instead of in parallel when this flag is present, that makes sense too.
Cool. Yes, exactly, it would run sequentially rather than in parallel because you can only have one process in the foreground at a time
If a single target fails, would you expect Pants to continue running the others, or to fail early? (Personally, I think I’d expect it to continue, as the user can press ctrl-c or ctrl-d to early exit)
Yay, this was really easy to implement 🙂
it should continue... unless the
flag (or equivalent) was passed thru to pytest.
having said that, I don't think this is a 2.0 thing and can wait for 2.1
It was way easier to do than I expected: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/10629 No need to wait for 2.1 🙂