A sequel to the thread above: <https://pantsbuild....
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A sequel to the thread above: https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C0D7TNJHL/p1600880758021500 Tests pass locally but are failing with no real output in CI/CD. When i try to run in container it produces the following rust backtrace
one second, looks like it might be something simple
The Rust traceback is a red herring, because you have
print_exception_stacktraces = True
. It looks like the error is “Unmatched glob from build-support/plugins:buildtests”
trying with out it
yeah i just noticed that
Although, that Rust panic is 👀 I haven’t seen that
looks like im getting further
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@hundreds-father-404: I’ve seen that Rust panic before. It occurs when the engine aborts and still has work in whatever queue it uses
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mainly saw it while debugging the remote execution stuff a few months ago
i’ll bump that issue (EDIT: bumped https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/9757 and filed upstream.)
@hundreds-father-404 update here, nothign wrong with the tests, had to reduce parallelism, think i was just overwhelming and bringing down the build agent
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