What does "global" actually mean here? I'm assumi...
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What does "global" actually mean here? I'm assuming it's global to a given pants repo, or maybe pantsd executor, but maybe it means global to a machine? My best guess is that in a scenario with remote execution, the remote worker would be accumulating and persisting this cache across invocations
The globality depends on the
option for a given repo. If the default; that's XDG_CACHE_HOME/pants/named_caches; so it's global on the machine for the current user.
of interest FYI: None of the three main remote execution projects (i.e., buildfarm, buildgrid, and buildbarn) support named caches. Stu did make a proposal last year to the REAPI Working Group about it. https://groups.google.com/g/remote-execution-apis/c/mA87-IDNpec/m/Vf--MBBmAgAJ