<@U06A03HV1> re auto-generating lockfiles. Let's s...
# development
@witty-crayon-22786 re auto-generating lockfiles. Let's say you change
then run `./pants fmt`: how important do you think it is that
gets regenerated, vs. something like warning or erroring that you should run
./pants lock
? I'm wondering if the latter is adequate so that we can punt on secondary effects in downstream rules: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/12014. Trying to keep the scope of lockfile project tight
That seems like a totally reasonable punt, yea.
Great. Fwit, I'm envisioning having an option to choose between warning vs. erroring when input requirements have changed. In the future, we can add "write" to that enum
And like all good punts, it's easy to change our minds later on and decide that it does matter.
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Yea, exactly.