<@U0N6C2Q9F> fyi: I’m starting first steps on addi...
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@fast-nail-55400 fyi: I’m starting first steps on adding support for
dependencies for Java dep inference — these are source dependencies that need to be inspected recursively to fulfil a complete type definition for the compiler. I may have some questions about the parsing code at some point, but I’m not certain there’s much to comment on just yet, unless you’ve spent any time thinking about it. (cc @witty-crayon-22786)
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not really. just thought a next step would be to read some of the type solving code in JavaParser
and maybe make use of some of that code.
i think that there is a symmetry between the
lists of a target, and positions that a symbol is used in in a source file: some positions are exported (á la #13525 and #13527), and some positions are just dependencies
Yeah, I’m about to look at
; my guess here is that as a first pass, I’ll be marking supertypes, plus return types of `public`/`protected` methods as exports, which suspect is already supported, it just needs to be marked as an export type
@witty-crayon-22786 ^--- those are the positions that immediately occured to me
makes sense, yea. the other one was generic arguments to functions i think?
but just having any examples and a path toward more is a good first step.
Right, the type params of generic arguments
this same framework seems like it might eventually (very eventually) allow for direct-deps-only scala compilation, which would be awesome.