FYI It hurts to pay for 43 minutes of Python test ...
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FYI It hurts to pay for 43 minutes of Python test time when making PRs to Pants 😬 Is remote caching supposed to be enabled? I see
15:13:33.51 [WARN] [auth-plugin] Failed to load Toolchain token from env var 'TOOLCHAIN_AUTH_TOKEN'. Please make sure the env var is set in your environment.
so: yes, it is enabled. but it uses delegated auth to confirm that the PR submitter is authorized to use the Toolchain cache.
and: we began a process last week to open that up to all Contributors
the caching helps quite a bit: … sorry that you haven’t had access to it so far
Why does the PR submitter matter in this case?
a malicious PR could write whatever it wanted to into the cache, and corrupt it
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you can’t corrupt the CAS, since it’s verified by the server as content addressable.
but the cache itself cannot be checked by the server… process in, “some process output” out.
but yea. stay tuned here: hopefully we can have it enabled in the next few weeks
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