<@UB2J9BQA0> (/ <@U021C96KUGJ> ?) I'm trying to ma...
# development
@hundreds-father-404 (/ @ancient-vegetable-10556 ?) I'm trying to make sense of this after running
and after re-running after `rm -rf ~/.cache/pypoetry`:
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$ git diff 3rdparty/python/requirements.txt
diff --git a/3rdparty/python/requirements.txt b/3rdparty/python/requirements.txt
index 61a0f5483..c4e115b90 100644
--- a/3rdparty/python/requirements.txt
+++ b/3rdparty/python/requirements.txt
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ humbug==0.2.7

 pytest>=6.2.4,<6.3  # This should be kept in sync with `pytest.py`.
^jsirois@gill ~/dev/pantsbuild/jsirois-pants (issues/14244 *) $ git diff 3^C
^jsirois@gill ~/dev/pantsbuild/jsirois-pants (issues/14244 *) $ git diff 3rdparty/python/requirements.txt 3rdparty/python/lockfiles/user_reqs.txt
diff --git a/3rdparty/python/lockfiles/user_reqs.txt b/3rdparty/python/lockfiles/user_reqs.txt
index c96827ddf..430d00428 100644
--- a/3rdparty/python/lockfiles/user_reqs.txt
+++ b/3rdparty/python/lockfiles/user_reqs.txt
@@ -11,13 +11,15 @@
 #   "generated_with_requirements": [
 #     "PyYAML<7.0,>=6.0",
 #     "ansicolors==1.1.8",
+#     "checksumdir==1.1.7",
 #     "chevron==0.14.0",
 #     "fasteners==0.16.3",
 #     "freezegun==1.1.0",
 #     "humbug==0.2.7",
 #     "ijson==3.1.4",
+#     "numpy==1.14.5",
 #     "packaging==21.3",
-#     "pex==2.1.61",
+#     "pex==2.1.64",
 #     "psutil==5.9.0",
 #     "pytest<6.3,>=6.2.4",
 #     "requests[security]>=2.25.1",
@@ -49,6 +51,8 @@ certifi==2021.10.8; python_version >= "2.7" and python_full_version < "3.0.0" or
Digging, but in case you've see something like this. I have no clue where in the heck numpy can be coming from. Certainly not Pex - its 0-dep.
Ah - testprojects/. Sorry for the noise. I can probably figure this out.
Yup, I just found that myself
same with checksumdir, I guess
No doubt. I'll break out a fix for our wrapper script here in a bit.
I think its clear we don't care about locking testprojects?
I don't know, I'll just send up the PR as is and let debate happen there.
👍 1
I can look into this. In general there's some cleanup needed, like not having a Pex lockfile change result in regenerating everything else
I got this fixed, putting up after finishing up one other related improvement