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From I was rather intrigued. Question is: is the explorer UI a feature worthy of being so central as to let pantsd run the server for it?
And if so, are there any pointers as to where/how that could be achieved?
Want to raise this question now, so we can resolve it, if possible, to help direct further work.. 😉
Just my 2c, wouldn't it be better as a plugin? In the same way that (for example) Webpack can import modules/plugins which add introspection capabilities? Unless it'll be used all the time, I feel like it should naturally be additive functionality.
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Most of it will be disabled by default, enabled by backend/plugin or so (not finalized).
The part running the server must be core currently though, due to technicalities I've not managed to work around.
My goal is to not add any extra dependencies unless enabled
Ah, okay, that makes more sense