Does pants have support for Cython?
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Does pants have support for Cython?
I personally haven't seen native support for it, but if there isn't any, you could try making a plugin for it. I think it would be similar to the
plugin I'm working on (and almost done the prototype for). In fact, it'd probably be identical. This post did remind me that I forgot to add a ticket to create a prototype cython plugin to my repo.
That would be cool!
I didn't see the ping. I have two emails on this slack, I don't use that one anymore. 😟 Confusing as I've used the same name and picture...
@modern-wolf-36228 what is the username of the account you no longer use? I can disable it for you, if you like.
@hundreds-father-404 if you find Noah's plugin, please add to to my plugins spreadsheet?
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The one you pinged haha if you click on this message (on my profile) you'll see a different email
lol okay shall I disable it and see if I can rename it something like "Marcelo Trylesinski's old account"? (I'm not sure if the latter is actually within my powers, but can check)