FYI the pinned Toolchain plugin doesn't use the ne...
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FYI the pinned Toolchain plugin doesn't use the new options types. I noticed when I started working on a PR to deprecate the old way 😉
The Toolchain plugin needs to work across a few different versions of Pants so will likely still need the old way of option registration for some time.
Or will need some way of remaining compatible to old versions.
(As you might guess, Toolchain users have different upgrade timelines for their own repos.)
Which version introduces the new options ? And what is the depreciation plan for the old ones ?
At any case, while working on the deprecation you can remove the plugin from the config
Deprecation in 2.11 and removal in 2.12 is the plan
Also I don't think I can remove the plugin from the pants repo, which is where I saw the warning 😉
It's a little nasty but you could always
if pants.version
do one way
do the other
You can just comment it out while you work on this change. We are unable to upgrade to the latest 2.11 dev release in the Toolchain repo so I can't even start to work on this. Unfortunately.
Oh it's not disruptive to me. And the change is minor. Mostly and fyi so we can decide how to handle. I think I'll add a warning filter to pants' root toml so others don't see it 🙈
I can also send a diff you could apply if someone asks very nicely
I owe y'all a rewrite of the plugin options documentation. It'll be my next task
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I expect to ship a version of the toolchain plugin that supports the new API early next week. Once it is released and the pants repo is upgraded to using it, you will be able to remove the old APIs since the toolchain plugin will mo longer use them (in newer pants versions). If you have a branch with the deprecation/removal of the API, please let me know since I can pull it down and test it with the new version of the plugin before releasing it.
I don't have the PR ready but it wouldn't be hard to while up. Just deleting the deprecated function
I'll post it when I get a spare minute or si