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🎣4️⃣👨‍🍼🔙 on some PRs Python asset inference: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/14049 Deprecating
Ironically the new options code was forged out the fires of fury of renaming options from the asset inference PR a few times.
@happy-kitchen-89482 /@witty-crayon-22786 y'all have commented on the asset inference PR in the past 😉
Very exciting! I don't have any strong opinions about the string-asset one: fire away.
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Green light for the deprecation as well, but I can rubber stamp.
At least initially it should be off by default.I think this is the conservative approach that won't surprise users with unexpected behaviors. See how it behaves with users (we can ask people to enable and report results back) and consider making a change to the default in a couple of releases once this feature is stabilized. I don't think the pants repo itself is a good test case for this kind of feature (I.e. the fact that this works properly for pants is not a good indicator on how this will behave for users)
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For clarification, you're talking asset inference, right? Not the "old" options deprecation?
Yes asset inference… again I might be writing in the wrong thread… I had a really long day 🤦‍♂️
I combined two tracks in one message. Blame me 😛
Yeah that's good feedback from Asher about waiting a full 2.11 relesae until we deprecate not setting a default for 2.12. Get some dogfooding first. Wdyt Joshua?
I'm for it. As long as it's in for my work repo I'm very happy.
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I can still brag about the feature anways 😤
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