How do people feel about the current way of writin...
# development
How do people feel about the current way of writing help strings (multiple implictly joined strings with trailing spaces)? I just opened a PR for a little string utility that would allow us to use multiline strings. It still requires newline gardening, but is still much easier to write/read. Feedback welcome:
cc @polite-garden-50641 I think?
I think you might misunderstand, this isn't something that's "on" or "off". Just a new way of providing strings to
I'll be checking as I migrate Pants options that the user-facing options don't change (significantly. Minor tweaks will be called out)
I got confused with a different thread (asset dependency inference) so I deleted the original msg.
As for anything to do with writing plugins, I only work on one(the Toolchain one) I don't think my opinion is relevant here since this kind of change mostly affects the pants code base.. Which I hardly ever developed for..