is there any way to specify an address spec to cho...
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is there any way to specify an address spec to choose a particular resolve? for example, maybe something like
— this could select all targets at or under
that have
context is the BSP rules and providing users with a way to select a single resolve for a BSP build target. An alternate way would be to actually examine
fields on the selected Pants targets and filter to a single resolve. But if we had an address spec syntax already, that would let me avoid having filtering code for just the BSP rules.
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there is not - Stu and I want to add something like
./pants --filter-field-value=resolve=python_resolve ::
, i.e. promote filter to be builtin rather than distinct goal so you don't need xargs; and add --field-value
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the syntax is definitely a possibility, yea. i’m starting today, and will try to prepare for that possibility. but in the near term,
is likely to be required. we also (surprisingly!) don’t yet have a way to filter by a field value.
for now, I am going to have a resolve filter that is specific to the BSP targets config file.
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if there is an address spec syntax later, we can always migrate to it
yea, sounds reasonable.