I'm late to doing this, but I've audited and edite...
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I'm late to doing this, but I've audited and edited all references to
in the 2.11.x docs to use the new style options
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Thank you so much!! code does not work very well with dictation, so I was most dreading updating the plug-in docs
In 2.12.x I gotta audit again for formatters. FYI the linter page will be completely stale because it assumes linter == formatter
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Ugh I want so badly to remove those guides in the docs. I was thinking more about it this week and I think what we want is for the plug-in hook documentation to be read me files in the example plug-in repository with several actual code examples to look at. It was way too hard the first time to try to write accurate code in the documentation website, and to make sure that it correctly compiles etc.
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I think we still have general rules API documentation in the docsite. I am only talking specifically about the plug-in hooks
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I started playing with a cookiecutter template today (as linked to in #plugins) to scaffolding a new pants plugin repo.. I think it’s pretty cool the stuff you can do, with options to direct the outcome, and even have different templates depending on use case etc..
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