Should we have some kind of issue for `.pants.d` "...
# development
Should we have some kind of issue for
"hygiene" tracking? Right now I'm seeing a handful of annoying behavior: • pants creates a bunch of empty exception text files in the .pants.d directory ◦ Like a BUNCH • Similarly I see a bunch of dirs for each run in
◦ Not all of them have contents ◦ If they have contents it is a single file ◦ That single file is sometimes empty • If I do any run with
, the pants log quickly becomes useless, as it'd filled with:
14:58:43.45 [DEBUG] Launching 1 roots (poll=true).
◦ This gets written every 0.5 seconds Right now on CI, I'm thinking of wiping that dir before any pants run, because Ideally I zip it up and upload as an artifact