<@U06A03HV1> the implementation for dependencies ...
# development
@witty-crayon-22786 the implementation for dependencies and parameterization assumes that there is only one match per parameterization. Is that reliable?
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explicitly_provided_includes = [
            parametrizations.get_subset(address, tgt).address
            for address, parametrizations in zip(
                explicitly_provided_includes, explicit_dependency_parametrizations
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def get_subset(self, address: Address, consumer: Target) -> Target:
        """Find the Target with the given Address, or with fields matching the given consumer."""
Why would multiple targets not be able to match the consumer?
both the consumer and the target in question are parametrized
and the fields which are compared are the consumed target’s parametrized fields
I don't think I totally understand, but maybe I don't need to. For my specs change, there is no candidate consumer target right?
you just want to find all targets which have a superset of the parameters (without any accounting for field values)
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