In lieu of <
# development
In lieu of, why doesn't the Pants bootstrap script download+install Python into the pants setup cache?
That can be hard! C.F.: All the complexity in the
plugin in pyenv ( That said, using
to do the bootstrapping has been discussed in the past. Brass tacks, this project is somewhat like the old docsite circa 2012-2019 - lots of talk and ideas and no-one willing to commit to sinking time into it.
Pants using pyenv sounds not too bad 🤔 Is the prior discussion available to read?
It would be in the pants-devel mailing list if written down - and old summit meeting notes which are linked in pants-devel.
Old summit meeting notes are somewhat painful or funny to read depending on your disposition. Just browsed ~3 of those. We've come along way, but we also thrash on what we say with straight-faced "clearly" and "all agree". Its good to always remember you never really know what you're doing.