seeing this error in CI on the main branch: `fatal...
# development
seeing this error in CI on the main branch:
fatal: unsafe repository ('/__w/pants/pants' is owned by someone else)
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Installing collected packages: types-urllib3, types-toml, types-setuptools, types-PyYAML, types-freezegun, iniconfig, ijson, chevron, certifi, ansicolors, zipp, urllib3, ujson, typing-extensions, types-requests, tomli, toml, six, setuptools, setproctitle, PyYAML, pyparsing, py, psutil, pex, mypy-typing-asserts, idna, charset-normalizer, attrs, requests, python-lsp-jsonrpc, python-dateutil, packaging, importlib-metadata, fasteners, pluggy, humbug, freezegun, pytest
  Attempting uninstall: setuptools
    Found existing installation: setuptools 47.1.0
    Uninstalling setuptools-47.1.0:
      Successfully uninstalled setuptools-47.1.0
Successfully installed PyYAML-6.0 ansicolors-1.1.8 attrs-21.4.0 certifi-2021.10.8 charset-normalizer-2.0.12 chevron-0.14.0 fasteners-0.16.3 freezegun-1.1.0 humbug-0.2.7 idna-3.3 ijson-3.1.4 importlib-metadata-4.11.3 iniconfig-1.1.1 mypy-typing-asserts-0.1.1 packaging-21.3 pex-2.1.79 pluggy-1.0.0 psutil-5.9.0 py-1.11.0 pyparsing-3.0.8 pytest-7.0.1 python-dateutil-2.8.2 python-lsp-jsonrpc-1.0.0 requests-2.27.1 setproctitle-1.2.2 setuptools-57.5.0 six-1.16.0 toml-0.10.2 tomli-2.0.1 types-PyYAML-6.0.3 types-freezegun-1.1.6 types-requests-2.27.5 types-setuptools-57.4.7 types-toml-0.10.3 types-urllib3-1.26.13 typing-extensions-4.0.1 ujson-5.2.0 urllib3-1.26.9 zipp-3.8.0
fatal: unsafe repository ('/__w/pants/pants' is owned by someone else)
To add an exception for this directory, call:

	git config --global --add /__w/pants/pants
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.
Thank you for the report! We should avoid merging anything until this is fixed
(i gtg to doctor if anyone else is around)
I'm taking a whack at this.
Looks like that did it.
Aaand we have unrleeased stable rcs all the way back to 2.8.1rc2, so the fix needs 4 cherry-picks IIUC.
Alright, main is green now if you rebase for the GH actions fixes.
I'll queue up some cherry-picks of that to release branches.