Does anyone use/what do people think of using "clo...
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Does anyone use/what do people think of using "cloud" linters like SonarQube in Pants
I suppose I could run a process which uploads the code and waits for results. Then it's a matter of ensuring the cloud returns the same results assuming the command is always the same. (E.g. some kind of version string in the process inputs)
We have an on-prem deployment of Sonarqube at $-work. I think it brings good value with a unified UI for all our projects reports on quality metrics.
You use Pants for talking to it?
(forgot to say that part in the message, lol)
No, that would’ve been nice. Our current integration is a bit fidgety implemented..
(I’ve not been part of it 😛 )
A sonarqube plugin for pants would make sense, as there’s a sonarscanner for for each supported language, and invoking them is a hassle, so integrating that with the build and test process provided with Pants is a good fit imo.
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