I may have asked this before... in fact, I was pos...
# development
I may have asked this before... in fact, I was positive I did, but my search-foo turned up nothing. I have a couple of discussions/questions/comments/proposals re: the CC backend compilation and JS/TS backend bundling/transpilation - is a Google Doc the best place for that? Github Discussions don't get any traction, correct?
I'm not proposing architecture docs, but a bit more free-form regarding how they might be implemented to guide me in the right direction that keeps with the Pants vibe.
We've been doing Google Docs, I'm not familiar with GH Discussions and am open to examining them?
Let's try using GH Discussions this time. It's a good opportunity to explore the medium without having to make a big commitment to it yet. If the topic doesn't gain adequate traction there or the UI turns out to get in the way of the goal, we can always copy/paste into a Google Doc.
(aside re message search: we're on Slack's free tier, so if your question was asked more than a couple weeks ago, it may have dropped into the memory hole that is the 10,000 message limit.)
I've only used Discussions a few times, and it kinda functions like GH Issues - but I recall somewhere that you can do 1-level nested replies, which I think is a win. But for me, it's almost entirely down to searchability. Very easy to find stuff via Github, and even leverage Google Search. However, GDocs are as free-form as it gets, so pros/cons. Unless there are any substantial or compelling concerns - I can give it a shot, and am very willing to abandon in favour of GDocs if it doesn't "feel right"
Let's do it!
Bear with me on this. My brain gets fuzzy at night, so I hope this makes sense. https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/discussions/15499