as it stands, `--lockfile-generator=pex` is the de...
# development
as it stands,
is the default in
, and so will gain some more exposure in
. since the deprecation required the flag to be set explicitly, this will only really affect new users, or those who opt in. but we should likely still be cautious about timing to ensure that capable folks (read: @enough-analyst-54434) are likely to be around for the potential uptick in new issues. since
doesn’t have a whole lot else in it, we probably have a bit more flexibility around timing… and so could maybe agree on a rough date now (subject to bumps for blockers). cc @hundreds-father-404, @bitter-ability-32190, @happy-kitchen-89482
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without any special casing, i expect that we’d have shipped
shortly before cutting
… which is sometime in the next two weeks
My thinking is Pex may still have bugs, but likely far fewer than Poetry (VCS requirements, private indexes, certs, transitive deps & env markers, preleases, bad cache folder). I think Pex is a good default And Pex has much better perf when installing
oh yea, this isn’t a question of whether it should be the default… just one of timing.
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(i mean, it isn’t a question _for me_… just based on the anecdotes i’ve seen)
I'm effectively AFK all of June.
Timing things based on my availability generally is not a winning strategy.
heh, indeed
If we have Pex issues, folks can always switch back to Poetry. I agree w/ not removing Poetry yet Or you, me, and Benjy can step up and fix the Pex issue
so then maybe it is a question of our confidence in the ability of the rest of us to address the issues we will see based on the new set of users
Or you, me, and Benjy can step up and fix the Pex issue
possibly. we have mostly been failing to practice that. but for a significant enough issue maybe
but yea. if brand new users encounter issues, there are still other options via both poetry or manually generated lockfiles. and existing users aren’t forced to migrate.
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ok. so the timing issue is moot then… can discuss 2.12 release independent of John’s schedule