Release 2.14.0.dev2 prep PR: <
# development
Dammit, wheel building is broken
CI is really unstable these days
At first glance this is confusing. I reproduce this locally, and it happens on all 3 CI platforms, but I'm not sure what's going on
The error is
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pants.util.osutil'
when trying to test-run the built wheel. But that file is in the venv, and running a repl in that venv and importing from pants.util.osutil works
This has been failing for a while! But apparently we're not paying attention to failures on main until release time...
It's bisecting time
And bisecting tells me that this is due to the upgrade to Pex 2.1.95 cc @enough-analyst-54434
Happy to abandon that revert in favor of a fix-forward, if we can come up with one quickly
I root caused and commented on the PR. Definitely revert.
Cherrypick of the fix to 2.13.x: (wasn't a clean pick)
Fix of the underlying issue: This would be better fixed in Pants by discontinuing use of
, but this fix in Pex can at least serve as the template for the mechanism Pants should be using for Pex 3.x where I hope to drop support for