The macos-10.15 runners hosted by GitHub are going...
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The macos-10.15 runners hosted by GitHub are going away: I'm prepping a PR to stop main CI bleeding. I already fixed this for Pex last night.
Its more impactful for Pants than Pex because of wheel building and potential backwards compatiility concerns with old Macs, but I don't see much else we can do except pay for another macstadium.
Hmmm this macOS 10.15 runner removal does have an impact on our users -- if they're using 10.15, they can't consume newer releases. That seems fine to me, given the timeline - not worth Pantsbuild spending money for macstadium
If someone wants to dig, a macosx10.15 XCode 11.7 SDK is installed on the macos-11 machines with some effort and MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET tricks? maybe you can get backwards compat. I wash my hands of the Mac at this level though since I don't have one, which would make figuring this all out way easier.
Maybe something like this (from one of my older Xcode CI builds)?
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    runs-on: macos-11
    # Refer to Alamofire's CI for setting the XCode version (<>)
      DEVELOPER_DIR: "/Applications/"

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
I got that from AlamoFire (
Definitely give it a spin @wide-midnight-78598 . What this needs is action.
If GitHub are phasing 10.15 out that seems like a good signal that we don't need to support it any more?
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But OTOH this seems like a bad way to make such decisions, because our hand was forced?
@wide-midnight-78598 will you have any cycles to look into this?
Probably not, as I've been dealing with a sick child all week, so a bit behind all around. Just for my understanding on this one - is this strictly a problem for macos users who are still running 10.15? Like, from 2019?
If so, I feel like there should be some sort of supported OS limit - 13 is coming out later this year, and some companies have been EOL'ing 10.15 this year (for example: Edit: Even more: Assuming the developer has a machine from 2014+, they can run macOS 11 - so is this more of a CI breaking problem?
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Yeah, let's push the discussion up, but EOLing seems fine too