Hm, I've been adding an option `[python].resolves_...
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Hm, I've been adding an option
to let you hook up constraints files when generating a lockfile. Unlike before, this option lets you specify tool "resolves" like
in the
option. Whereas our conventional modeling would be
and so on. Thoughts on what is preferable? This decision will apply to migrating
to be
I think it's easier for me to implement this all belonging to
And probably it results in less boilerplate? Let's say your only constraint is "don't use this bad version of requests" -- you may want to hook up every resolve, including tools, to use that same constraints file. It's nice to have it all in one place, i think?
Note that we do already have some precedent for
options impacting how a tool lockfile is generated: •
[python].lockfile_generator = {pex,poetry}
@happy-kitchen-89482 @ancient-vegetable-10556 any opinions? is ready using the approach of only the
Related: I had the idea of introducing an
special value to mean that every resolve should use the same constraints. That could be useful when moving
, and maybe
, to be per-resolve options
I don’t immediately have an opinion, but could come up with one if you needed me to
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I think that'd be helpful, please. We've had lots of thrash on Python 3rd-party dependencies, so I want to get this right
Hm I'll whip up a google doc
This sounds like a level of indirection solves all known problems...
(Almost done w/ google doc which collates ~4-5 questions related to this idea of "config per resolve")
A design doc proposing moving config for Python dependencies to be per-resolve, w/ shortcut to specify for all. PTAL
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@happy-kitchen-89482 do you agree with the general gist of the design doc, it sounds like? If so, I'd like to merge right now and start doing follow ups In particular, this confirms tool config should live in
, not the tool subsystems. I'm pretty confident now that's correct
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I have a request for a fix in the followups, in that PR.
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@happy-kitchen-89482 @enough-analyst-54434 I came up with the strategy for when you're not using resolves/lockfiles, along with deprecation plan. PTAL at bottom 2 sections