Hi all, a few weeks ago I approved this PR that ad...
# development
Hi all, a few weeks ago I approved this PR that adds support for OpenAPI, wondering if anyone has any objections on merging it so it gets shipped in 2.15: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/16199
go ahead!
…but you might want to rebase it first just to make sure nothing bitrotted
will do
actually, it's a branch from a contributor so I can't rebase it
I'll politely ask the contributor to make a rebase
you should be able to as a maintainer… but i can do it if not
fwiw: my workflow for pushing to someone else’s branch looks roughly like:
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git fetch jyggen openapi-support
git checkout -b jyggen/openapi-support jyggen/openapi-support

# ...rebase

git push -f jyggen jyggen/openapi-support:openapi-support
oh thanks, and sorry for handing this over, was forgetting about the push force
no worries. thanks for the reminder