Mini proposal for inverting how we mark processes ...
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Mini proposal for inverting how we mark processes platform-agnostic:
@witty-crayon-22786 I don't know how to reason about my suspicion that
currently messes up caching, that Docker command runner won't use the cache from localhost. That seemed to be the case when playing with things last week Does the
struct play into local cache? Or it's only the REAPI proto and ActionCache stuff, right?
is also what we use to produce an ExecuteRequest/Action for remote caching/execution
that Docker command runner won’t use the cache from localhost
to prevent cache hits across localhost and docker for an otherwise identical process, you’d want to update
to produce a different request when a docker image is set… usually via an environment variable
(assuming that what you are saying is that you’re seeing hits when you don’t want to be…?)
but including the platform should also be sufficient to prevent that hit, i think
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(commented on the ticket)
okay cool I will remove the
stuff then from the issue. This proposal makes sense regardless imo