As we evaluate GitHub Discussions, please keep an ...
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As we evaluate GitHub Discussions, please keep an eye out for posts with zero replies in its Q&A and Development categories (channels). Let's show off to the general public the responsiveness that folks here get to enjoy on a regular basis. Thanks, everyone! What you bring to this community is so special. I've never known an open source community as kind and attentive as this one. It's exciting.
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Is there any sort of Discussions to Slack notification mechanism? Like, if a new discussion gets opened?
Unfortunately none that I could find. But maybe someone else has better google fu and can find something?
They phrased it as if it's built-in to slack, but running
/github subscribe owner/repo discussions
and then creating a test discussion did not seem to have any effect for me. I read all the cross-references links but didn't spot any instructions as to what to install or configure to make this work. Thoughts?
Paging @happy-kitchen-89482
This feature requires granting the Slack app
permissions for discussions in your organization. If necessary, you should be prompted to update the app permissions when subscribing to discussions. Please note that you must be an organization owner to approve this permissions update.
I thought it wasn't up and running yet though - thought that was just a sample API? 🤷
@happy-kitchen-89482 try also
/invite @GitHub
followed by
/github subscribe pantsbuild/pants discussions
. That invite step fails for me saying I don't have enough perms. Hopefully you do.
@wide-midnight-78598 I have a feeling that the real answer here is to choose one of them as our primary support center. 😞
I mean, Github is kinda better at that - less off the cuff-ness in discussions, just would be nice to have a flag that something was said (I mean, yes, we can watch discussions too I guess)
Sure, agreed.
I did that, and now #general is “Subscribed to pantsbuild/pants. This channel will receive notifications for issues, pulls, commits, releases, deployments, discussions”
I would have expected only discussions
notifications for every PR and commit is going to be annoying
Ah OK, I see how to turn that off
I hope this means a notification on new discussions and not on every post…
It appeared to be every comment individually. We'll see. Can you turn off notifications for issues too?