Would it make any sense at all to have an option t...
# development
Would it make any sense at all to have an option tell Pants to turn off inotify watching for certain goals? Particularly the metadata goals like dependencies, peek, etc. Combined with
it might help Pants run better in some embedded situations where it may not be the only thing running. Obviously this is an advanced feature that comes with a caveat emptor about possible invalidation mid-run being ignored
but it requires turning off pantsd, so it results in overhead for things like initial Pants startup (~1s, oof)
Ah that's already there. Any other options that would be good for running "embedded" in a program?
What do you mean? Like piping the output of Pants to a non-Pants program?
Yeah... or even some program is running pants for its output deep within some other concurrent mechanism... like there's a
make -j
going on and the make targets call scripts that call pants 😂 🔫
My experience shows that Pants works best when you use it as an orchestrator of multiple actions, not the orchestrate-ee, but that's not always an option for some of us, so I'm trying to find a good set of defaults that enables this behavior without taking too much of a hit