I'm seeing the macOS build wheels jobs die due to ...
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I'm seeing the macOS build wheels jobs die due to OOM. Have others noticed this?
macOS 10-15-x86_64 seems to be particularly problematic. Maybe we can stop building on that given the age?
cc @happy-kitchen-89482, iirc you've seen perf issues before w/ this job
Yeah, maybe we can announce that 2.15.x will be the last release to support macOS 10.15 ?
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That seems reasonable given that GHA has no runners for that platform any more?
OTOH, we could continue to support it, given more money for self-hosted runners
We can poll the community: if someone wants support for that platform, perhaps they want it enough to pay for the CI costs
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how do we communicate that? Slack, GH discussion, email group?
also we may want to preview that scikit stuff is happening. we're pretty behind on the Python versions Pants supports to run it. These are related about Pants's installation compatibility
hm I can't get CI to go green after 3 retries. Blocking today's release 😕
gtg to haircut but maybe this was a change we made. Would be helpful to look at the CI history of
- lots of red
But - really - discontinuing due to undiagnosed build timeouts is not an awesome motivation!
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Yeah, and we have CI problems on all platforms right now
I usually see linux shards time out more often
this has been broken for at least 8 days on main
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