Is there a structure to follow for tests that expe...
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Is there a structure to follow for tests that expect a system binary, but that binary may not be available on everyone's machines? e.g. clang or gcc
@pytest.mark.skipif(not shutil.which("binary"))
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Ooh, yes, exactly.
- haven't used that in a hot minute. Thanks!
I think we somehow have custom skip infrastructure, but I can't remember what it is. The idea is to fail eagerly in CI if a test can't run, but allow skipping on local
I think I saw that months and months ago while jumping around source code, but completely evicted it from memory. I think GH's CI has us covered for this, but not going to make that assumption on developer machines I was trying to think of one of the backends that uses system binaries, and explicitly doesn't download the backend. Which led me to Go. I couldn't find the skip decorator - but I just found this:
I can use this if it makes more sense