How is the arm GHA runner going? I'd like to run p...
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How is the arm GHA runner going? I'd like to run pants in termux on my phone... Though, I suppose I'd also have to compile python, because termux only includes the latest python, which is 3.11 right now.
With scie-pants we're close to just choosing a version. And staying as bleeding edge as we want
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We got approval for a free ARM CI machine today, on a 3 month trial basis
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So in 3 months we might have to start paying, I suppose
I will try and set this up over the holidays
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Ooh! Thank you.
Keep in mind 2 things with picking a version: 1. Currently Python Build Standalone only supports up to 3.10.8 2. Python has been breaking stdlib: we may be safe, but an audit really needs to happen for due diligence to call our shot: "If you're using X, its gone because we're moving to Python Y". Yes the plugin API is not stable, but we can't hide forever! We must grow up here.