Given a PEX, what's the incantation to know what t...
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Given a PEX, what's the incantation to know what the latest compatible Python version would be? E.g. Given
how could I tease out that
is the latest compatible
For context, I'm thinking about Python provided by Pants, using pyenv. So, what I'm thinking is instead of trying to get "ahead" of PEX with choosing the right interpreter, it'd be easier to just "go-with-the-pex-flow" and just ask it what it needs
That's circular though. How did you build the PEX in the 1st place?!
Welp, yeah fair point. Guess doing things rule-side is the only option 🙂
Yeah, rules already do this.
One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike for go or the JVM, you're slightly hamstrung. No pyenv for Windows. There is pyenv-win which is almost a like, but good to know the corner your backing in to too.
ha, the engine will have a friend rule-side in being a long ways form windowsless
Also, unlike the engine we can hide behind "opt-in"
Ok, as long as you're aware.