Trying to bump from `2.10.1rc0` to `2.11.0` and I'...
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Trying to bump from
and I'm seeing some funny behavior. When I make the bump and run something simple like
./pants help test
, I get the warning logs about deprecated macros and how to fix (I already have
use_deprecated_python_macros = false
from the previous bump from
). So, I delete that option and run the
update-build-files --fix-python-macros
and I get an error saying
is already set to false (first issue with the help logs since it says to just delete the option). So, I set to
and I get
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11:53:37.02 [ERROR] 1 Exception encountered:

  MappingError: Failed to parse ./BUILD.pants:
__call__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'name'
I take it this is for
so I delete the name field in there and then run it again and I get spammed with
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* `python_requirements` in BUILD.pants: add `name="reqs"
11:54:34.40 [ERROR] You must manually add the `name=` field to the following targets. This is not done automatically by the `update-build-files` goal
So I'm in some kind of circular issue here and not sure how to resolve.
Maybe I just misunderstood the initial logs 🤷
if you already had
use_deprecated_python_macros = false
, all you need to do is delete that option from
. No other changes should be necessary. The only change in 2.11 is that
= false
is now the default
sorry this is so confusing to navigate 😕 I recommend reverting whatever changes related to this you had made so you are in a stable state
Yeah no worries, that seem to do it. I thought the logs were telling me I needed to do a lot more than I already did. Makes sense going back through it, though.
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