I had a very fun random thought: Use the nogil for...
# development
I had a very fun random thought: Use the nogil fork of CPython. Here's what I thought: • How do I have
use a certain
executable? Just to test nogil fork, and do comparisons • If that all works and looks good, PBS has steps on compiling different Pythons: https://gregoryszorc.com/docs/python-build-standalone/main/building.html ◦ so we'd just need to do that for nogil and publish the artfiact(s) somewhere for scie-pants to point to ◦ We might convince indygreg to do this release, it'd help out the nogil project I think
Do you know if the GIL impacts pants significantly?
yea, we definitely should.
@broad-processor-92400: we invoke `@rule`s in parallel currently, because we can’t actually know how long they’ll be holding the GIL, and lots of other code around
invokes pokes at the GIL
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Oh duh, we'd need a compatible version of PyO3. I wonder how hard that'd be/refactoring