What is the status of the src/python/pants/backend...
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What is the status of the src/python/pants/backend/codegen/soap/java code? AFAICT there is no register.py that registers it? So I assume it's not in use anywhere? Should we delete it? cc @witty-family-13337
This comment implies that there should have been a followup PR with a register.py but AFAICT one was not added
the original PR had a
which was deleted after the conversation linked in that comment
regardless, we were using the backend in my previous job, I had our own
in our repo which would cover the lack of it
however after some testing, we stopped using it and replaced it by one based off Apache CXF as it gave us better results and was able to generate both client and server code
so, in summary, we should probably get rid of it in Pants and evaluate in the future if one based on CXF is worth adding if the community finds it useful
great, thanks for the update!